Q: What is covered under my Lifetime Warranty?

A: If anything impairs the functionality of the pan we will replace the pan! The only things not covered are cosmetic-like stains or minor surface scratches. If the pan fails to perform, we will send you a new one! 

Q: Are your pans free of PTFE?

A: Our pans are PFOA free but contain some PTFE. PTFE is in over 95% of all nonstick cookware including our ceramic-based nonstick. PTFE is safe and inert. In fact, it is used in surgical matches meshes, dental implants and heart stents which are all implanted in the body. We do not use PFOA chemicals and other chemicals that gave many other nonstick pans a bad name. Why do we use some PTFE? Sadly, non-PTFE nonstick cookware does not work well for long periods of time. In fact, in our tests, the largest non-PTFE nonstick in the world only held up for 45 minutes of consecutive use. 

Q: What is the nonstick material in your pans?

A: We use one of the highest grade Japanese ceramic non-stick coatings. It is infused with diamond dust to increase durability.

Q: Where are your pans manufactured?

A: HexClad products are designed at our headquarters in Los Angeles and manufactured in Asia.  Our factory has the rare expertise needed to execute the complexities of our unparalleled, patented laser etching process. All HexClad products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Q: I just cooked for the first time and things seem to be sticking to the pan. How do I fix this?

A: As with most fine cookware, HexClad cookware should be seasoned before first use. You do not need to season your pans before every use. To season your pans properly, first heat your pan to medium-low and spread 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil around the interior of the pan. Leave on heat for 1-2 minutes. Now you're ready to cook. Simple as that! Over the first few weeks of use, your HexClad Hybrid cookware will perform better and better as it re-seasons itself on its own from the fats in the food you are cooking. 

Q: My pans seem to be a bit stained after use. How can I get them out?

A: Some pan discoloration is normal with any cookware! For tougher stains, we recommend soaking your pans in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Depending on how tough the stain is, we recommend using Barkeepers friend or even stainless steel scouring pads to scrub off tough stains.